Our committees are the driving force behind the Space Coast Tech Council. They are tasked with providing valuable information to the tech council members. Members selected for the committee are active professionals in their field. Each tech council committee will facilitate one of the major quarterly meetings, procuring keynote speakers, panel presenters, table exhibitors and publicizing the event on the SCTC website.

Committees will host workshops, usually located at the facility of one of the SCTC member locations, and provide opportunities to connect with industry experts on a frequent basis. Workshops will provide members with opportunities for education and networking during the three month period between the quarterly meetings.

Members of a committee will serve as subject matter experts for our website content. The committee will encourage submission of articles found on the web for the purpose of posting links to the articles on our website. As qualified experts, the committee will review all articles before posting, to determine if the article has merit and credibility

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