We are building a stellar Advisory Board, comprised of individuals with strong chemistry and a high level of skills appropriate to the needs of the council. The development of an effective Advisory Board is a long-term project. Candidates are considered not only for their track record, but on their ability to make a strong commitment to the mission.

The ideal Advisory Board member will provide a high degree of consistency, longevity and background knowledge and can be trusted to advise reliably on important issues. Our goal is to have ten to fifteen leaders to guide the Space Coast Tech Council to a strong competitive position in state, national and global markets.

  • Dr. Ken Stackpoole

    Florida Institute of Technology

  • Robert Duerr

    Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Grant Begley

    Concepts to Capabilities, LLC

  • Peggy Crooks

    TD Bank

  • Edward Ellegood


  • Kathleen Rich-New

    Clarity Works Consutling

  • Don Platt

    Micro Aerospace Solutions