uniting our voices to tell our story

The Space Coast Tech Council is an umbrella organization that invites all tech-related companies and selected business support services to join in the shaping and promotion of Brevard and surrounding counties as a leading area for technology-based businesses and manufacturers.  

The council is governed by an advisory board, driven by committees, and grown by its members. Together we are uniting our efforts to showcase our technical diversity, and bring Brevard County to a strong and competitive position in our expanding world marketplace.

Discover New Resources

Discover new resources in your own backyard. Brevard County is a big place, with many tech companies, large and small. Joining the tech council provides excellent opportunities to meet people who you would not normally engage in your daily course of business.
Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is an acquired skill. Make the effort to place yourself in the know. The tech council offers many small workshops to its members. Benefit when you attend our many targeted presentations across wide subject areas. Information is empowering.
Form Partnerships

Some of the strongest business partnerships are formed when helping a third-party cause. Joining a tech council committee, and promoting our community, offers many opportunities to form strong bonds while achieving a common goal. It’s all about community.
Your Voice Counts

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that your voice has been heard, and your efforts have impacted your community. The future of our technology community, and the region is not cast in stone. It is the input of each individual that will shape our future.